James Wallace

Christian Football Association Blue Mountains
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James Wallace
Full Name: James Wallace
Team: SWAC 2
Nickname: TheLegend27
If No, would you like to receive information about churches in your area?:No
Growing up in La Pobla de Segur I had always heard about SWAC 2 and their exploits in the Blue Mountains. When I was 5 I made the decision to become a professional footballer and would one day make my dreams come true by moving to the Blue Mountains to partake of the greatest league in the world, "The Churches Comp". I left Barcelona as soon as the oppotunity to play for SWAC 2 arose and have never looked back since. Side note. I have also been lead to belive that Glenbrook Oval has a bigger capacity then Camp Nou and that is why Camp Nou is being upgraded currently. Ole ole ole.