Grand Finals Guidelines

22. 08. 12
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1. Players need to sign on to the match cards at least 30 minutes prior to their game kicking off. Sign on will be at a table near the centre of the field.

2. Spectators for Glenbrook must be seated BEHIND the marked line.

3. The referees will have a space near the centre of the field - please allow them their privacy - no player or spectators to be near them.

4. The only people allowed in the technical boxes by the field are:

               Nominated coach or manager

               Playing substitutes

NOTE: non-playing registered players must sit with the spectators.

5. A reminder that only 16 players can be signed on to the match card.

6. Alcohol, smoking and vaping ARE NOT permitted at the ground, by law. Please remind your spectators of this.

7. Following the conclusion of each match, players are asked to make their way to the building end of the ground for the presentation of trophies and medals. Division 1 are also required to take down the nets and return the equipment at the conclusion of their presentation.

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