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2019 Finals Instructions

All players must sign on at the official ‘desk’ with the CFABM Official at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game. (Glenbrook with Ross Abbott, PVH with Melissa Holdsworth). Players whose names are not on the cards are not eligible to play.

GAMES at 1pm – nets need to be put up before 12:30.

Players arriving late must still sign on prior to taking the field. Officials must be notified.

All players must be in the same coloured socks and shorts.

Games will be 45-minute halves. Should a match be drawn at full time, 10 minutes each way, no break at half time. Then, if scores are still tied, a penalty shoot-out will occur. Only players on the field at the conclusion of the extra time are permitted on the field and to participate in the shoot-out.

All substitutes must be from the half-way point, both teams on the same side of the field.

Following the match, please check the details are correct and the captain signs the card. NO BEST and FAIREST points need to be given.

3pm Games – nets and equipment need to be taken down and returned to the storeroom asap. Please lock up storeroom, toilets and return match cards and keys.