Team Rep Meeting

19. 05. 17
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At the recent Team Rep meeting the following discussions took place. If you want to have a say, pleases share your ideas with your Team Rep/s.

  • end of season format
  • gala day feedback
  • registration process and frustrations
  • the annual church service

We have decided that, if supported well enough by more teams, there will be another church service this season, probably on Friday 19th July. Sadly, there were only 5 teams represented at the last one, even though it was a great night. 

The Representative Weekend (NSW Challenge Cup) is fast approaching on the long weekend. Games will again be played on Saturday and Monday at Hills Sports High School. Players may still be required. Contact Brad Dodd for more details.

Some teams have night games coming up. Check the draw.

Thank you to the Team Reps whose job is not easy and is often thankless. 


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